Operetta in the crypt - Die Fledermaus

The Austrian operetta ensemble Oper@Tee inspires in the smallest opera theater of the country lively, poignant and on highest level with their original versions of the famous Viennese operettas. 

Stage and auditorium are on one level, which guarantees an intensive experience of the work. The local specialists for Austrian operetta present the popular work with piano accompaniment in full length. Thus, the focus is on carefully selected voices and enables a completely new approach to composition. The performance takes place immediately before and between the guests with a break. 

OPERETTE and OPER in the KRYPTA are equally exciting for beginners and connoisseurs... The fascinating closeness to the artists creates a special exchange of energy that affects both sides equally and promises unforgettable entertainment. 

The performances captivate by their directness, the high quality and of course by the unusual venue. Situated deep below St. Peter's Church in Vienna, the intimate hall offers a personal experience unlike any other theatre.

The bright and friendly hall is pleasantly tempered at any time of the year.  

Program and cast

Ensemble Oper@Tee 


Gabriel von Eisenstein, Banker - Martin Hulan


Rosalinde, his wife - Magdalena Renwart 


Adele, his maid - Alice Waginger


Ida, Adeles sister - Annamaria Kaszoni


Alfred, a singer - Hans-Jörg Gaugelhofer


Dr. Falke, a notary - n.n.


Blind, Advocate - Christian Graf


Frank, Warden - Florian Pejrimovsky 


Prince Orlofsky, a rich privateer - n.a.


Frog, prison guard - Christian Graf 


Ivan - Dorian Puchinger


Director - Anna Borodina


Musical direction - Max Schamschula








28.12.19 at 20.00


30.12.19 at 20.00


31.12.19 at 20.00


02.01.20 at 19.30

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St. Peter's Church (Peterskirche)

The Peterskirche is located on Petersplatz, right next to Graben and just west of the Pestsäule. The street Jungferngasse cuts through the pedestrian zone and leads directly to the church. The Peterskirche is largely obscured by the surrounding buildings, and can only be seen clearly from directly in front.

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