Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

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July 2020

American pianist Scott Bradlee is a happily crossing over between musical epochs. With his project „Postmodern Jukebox“, which consists of various changing musicians, he has dedicated himself entirely to swing and ragtime and has become a concert hall-filling phenomenon via YouTube. In his current opus „The New Classics“ singers from Sara Niemietz to Haley Reinhart enchant with sepia-colored interpretations of hits as diverse as Gloria Gaynor’s „I Will Survive“, Soundgardens „Black Hole Sun“ and Rihanna’s „Umbrella“. A wonderful show!

Program and cast

Vienna City Hall (Rathaus)

The Rathaus (Town Hall) is a building in Vienna which serves as the seat both of the mayor and city council of the city of Vienna. The town hall also serves, in personal union, as Governor and Assembly (Landtag) of the State of Vienna, a state with the Austrian federal system.

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