The first name

German by Georg HolzerNiemand says it all, nobody!
Everyone has secrets, experiences which he does not share, hidden corners of life. Pierre The first name was a sensational success in 2010, played over 250 times at the Théâtre Edouard VII in Paris, and has made a triumphal march around the globe. The script adaptation was filmed in France as well as in Germany. Folke Braband, Kammerspiele-experienced with audience hits such as Monsieur Claude and his daughters and Ladies Night, will stage this smart comedy, a sociable get-together among friends in the Paris academic milieu that is defined above all by its noble taste. It is precisely this person who feels personally attacked when the father-to-be Vincent announces that he wants to call his child Adolphe. In the course of the evening, however, funny discussions with abstruse arguments reveal family secrets that actually break the camel's back.

Program and cast

Director: Folke Braband

Stage design: Tom Presting

Costumes: Nicole von Graevenitz

Dramaturgy: Leonie Seibold

Light: Franz Henmüller

Elisabeth Garaud-Larchet: Susa Meyer

Pierre Garaud, Elisabeth's husband: Marcus Bluhm

Claude Gatignol, Elisabeth's childhood friend: Oliver Rosskopf

Vincent Larchet, Elisabeth's brother, Pierre's childhood friend: Michael Dangl

Anna Caravati, Vincent's partner: Michaela Klamminger

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