Tricky Niki

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February 2023

Strange things are happening in this world! There's this vampire who can't see any blood. And an education to become a mighty Jedi suddenly goes mightily wrong. Even a quick-witted tennis ball can completely ruin the mixed doubles. A hot-blooded dragon catches fire himself. Non-smokers quit smoking with an amazing trick. The fake news is being tinkered with without gaps. And grandma is always available for a good joke anyway. At the end you ask yourself only one question: Huh?

Yes, it's a wondrous world full of riddles, mysteries and weird punch lines, into which multi-talent TRICKY NIKI takes the audience again this time: his own! There he is already world-famous. And all those to whom TRICKY NIKI doesn't say too much so far should listen to his belly on this evening. The cheeky show mastermind offers a unique mix of interactive comedy, magic, entertainment and mad ventriloquism in his fourth solo program NIKIpedia.

Program and cast

Kabarett Simpl

The "Simpl" in the Wollzeile in the first district of Vienna.
The Simpl is a cabaret opened in 1911 as beer cabaret Simplicissimus in Vienna-Innere Stadt. In the 1920s and 30s he produced cabaret greats such as Fritz Grünbaum and Karl Farkas. Until today it is one of the most successful and most important cabaret stages in Vienna. Name, lettering and the red bulldog refer to the Munich satirical magazine Simplicissimus, founded in 1896.

Opened on 25 October 1911 as the beer cabaret Simplicissimus, it was soon referred to by the Viennese as "Der Simpl". A colourful programme of chansons, piano improvisations and artistic performances etc. made the theatre one of the most popular cellar theatres in Vienna.

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