Vienna Boys Choir at the Muth Theater Vienna

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 A new Home for the Vienna Boys Choir  - Muth Theater Wien(Vienna)
Visitors to Vienna know were to find Sissi, Mozart and Klimt. The world-famous Vienna Boys`Choir, however, used to be hard to find in its own hometown.

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Vienna Boys' Choir

They thrill the concert-going public around the world, are described as Vienna’s youngest ambassadors, and make music with world class musicians: the Vienna Boys' Choir. In Vienna, they regularly appear in their own new concert hall "MuTh" and in the Hofburg Chapel.

 In Vienna, it is often possible to hear the Vienna Boy's Choir: regularly as part of the Vienna Hofmusikkapelle at the Holy Mass in the Hofburg Chapel on Sundays (September to June) and in the MuTh - that's their new concert hall in the Augarten, which opened on 9 December 2012. The name MuTh is an abbreviation of "Music and Theater" and its stage is home to daring music and theater productions. - A stage that offers a superb view for the 400 audience members and gives the actors almost as much space as the Vienna State Opera.

The MuTh is located right next to the Augartenpalais, where the Vienna Boys learn, live and sing. The new music center is a powerful cultural stimulus in theAugarten. The MuTh builds bridges: Between music and theater, tradition and experiment, great artists and - above all - the next generation.

MuTh: Children's Operas and Friday Afternoons

The Vienna Boys' Choir, whose members range in age from kindergarten to high school (including a few girls!), presents itself in the MuTh with a classical programranging from world music and pop to children's opera. At the Friday Afternoons, they present their latest repertoire.

Each season, the Boys' Choir performs a third of the MuTh program. This leaves lots of room for welcome guests: Musical educational establishments, festivals (ImPulsTanz) and cooperation partners such as theVolksoper, Dschungel Wien and the Vienna Children's Theater perform at the MuTh. 

100 voices in the Augarten

The 100 or so Vienna Boys are between 10 and 14 years of age and organized into four concert choirs. The give about 300 concerts each year - in front of almost half a million spectators around the world.

The beginnings of the choir can be traced to 1498, when Emperor Maximilian I. laid the foundation stone for the Viennese Court Music Orchestra - of which the Boys' Choir was a part.

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Musik & Theater Muth

Vienna‘s new venue for music and theatre – the Vienna Boys’ Choir Concert Hall in the Augarten – opens in December 2012!

MuTh is located in Vienna´s Augarten park, nor far from Augarten Palace where the choir boys leave and rehearse.

An exciting new venue has sprung up in the heart of Vienna, a place with a focus on young people where music and theatre meet.
The new stage is equipped to the highest standards, and the auditorium has seating for 400 people. The stage measures 12 x 9 metres. It has an optimally designed orchestra pit and the finest acoustic in the city
Here in this new hotspot for music and theatre you can experience the Vienna Boys’ Choir performing live, rock and jazz concerts, drama, and many more cultural events.

Concert hall capacity: 400
Stage: 12 x 9 m
Orchestra pit: 12 x 3.5 m
Wheelchair accessible, 4 wheelchair spaces
Architects: archipel architektur+kommunikation

The building is a unique ensemble of existing baroque structures (the gatehouse and wall) and modern architecture. At the heart of MuTh is the new Concert Hall. Contrasting with the coolness of the glass and metal used in the exterior of the new construction, warm materials and strong colours are used in the Hall. The magnificent ambient sound – enriched through the use of acoustic panels and special seating – is particularly noteworthy.

A café, shop and a seminar room complete the overall MuTh experience.

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