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Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve

King Arthur tickets

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King Arthur

Venue: Theater an der Wien

Linke Wienzeile 6
A-1060 Wien
All dates
Season 2019

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Event details

The 1691 first performed semi-opera King Arthur, or The British Worthy (King Arthur or The British hero) is based on a 1684 written libretto by John Dryden (1631-1700). This acclaimed poet and playwright in his lifetime was found in 1690 by the music of the also famous composer Henry Purcell (1659? -1695) So impressed that he offered his revised King Arthur Purcell to set to music. The result was the
first semi-opera, which was not based on an existing spectacle and still connected spoken drama with musical scenes. King Arthur remained in the repertoire until well into the 18th century, with
the popularity especially the intimate and innovatively designed music Purcell was due.
Content, Dryden moved away from the continuously embellished since the Middle Ages King Arthur saga with the Knights of the Round Table and the Holy Grail, rather, unfolds a story about love and war. The blind Emmeline is the daughter of the Duke of Cornwall and Conon of King Arthur as coveted as the Saxon King Oswald. Territorial reasons lead to the first military confrontation of the two - Oswald subject, but it can kidnap Emmeline. Now it becomes the cause of the war: the battles, the counterparties of magicians and spirits are supported, especially Merlin on Arthur's side, the quasi represents the only remnant of the famous Arthurian legend. Oswald subject again, and Arthur can Emmeline win for themselves. Arthur shows kindness and pardoned Oswald, leaving Merlin to think of a united Britain under a just ruler.


Program and Cast

Conducted by Robert King
Soprano Carolyn Sampson
Soprano Rebecca Outram
Soprano Julie Cooper
High tenor Daniel Auchincloss
Tenor James Oxley
Bass Matthew Brook
Orchestra The King's Consort
Choir Choir of The King's Consort

Theater an der Wien

About the Theater an der Wien

The New Opera House is not just any theatre, but the one that Emanuel Schikaneder, the all-round genius, actor, impresario with a flair for organization but above all librettist of The Magic Flute, had built in 1801 in Vienna in keeping with the spirit of Mozart.

To coincide with the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth the Theater an der Wien presents itself as a new opera house from January 2006. As a “season” opera house with productions all the year round the Theater an der Wien carves a new and independent niche in the realm of high-quality culture in Vienna. For twelve months of the year, with one premiere every month, opera will be performed under the “stagione”, or season, system: that means the cast remains unchanged from the first performance to the last one, which guarantees that the very highest international standards are maintained.

The theatre’s modern, accessible approach to music theatre as demonstrated by the works performed, the overall artistic concept Bespielung and the artistes is further underlined by the building itself, its architecture and the vibrancy of its location. The surroundings and materials, the intimate atmosphere and perfect acoustics in the historical theatre prepare the senses to experience beauty. The Theater an der Wien deliberately enters into a symbiotic relationship with its lively surroundings on the Naschmarkt street market and the young cultural scene centred in the Schleifmühl quarter.

How to get there

With public transport:

We can be reached by public transport: 

U1, U2 und U4 Station Karlsplatz, Exit Secession
Bus 59A Station Bärenmühldurchgang
Bus 57A Station Laimgrubengasse, pedestrians via Laimgrubengasse to Linke Wienzeile

Fleischmarkt 24, 1010 Wien

We can be reached by public transport:
U1, U4: Station Schwedenplatz
Tram Linie D (bei Ablenukung über Kai), 1, 2: Station Schwedenplatz
Bus 3A (on workdays)

Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve