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Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve

Die Geburtstagsfeier tickets

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Die Geburtstagsfeier

Venue: Academy Theatre Vienna (Akademietheater)

Lisztstrasse 1
1030 Wien
All dates
Season 2018

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Die Geburtstagsfeier
Mon 28 May 2018
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19:30 Akademietheater 71 € Add to cart
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19:30 Akademietheater 52 € Add to cart
Event details
Composer/Organizer: Harold Pinter

An elderly couple, Petey and Meg, is running a beachfront seaside, where Stanley has been the sole guest for years. The young man claims to have been a talented but hopeless concert pianist. The strange idyll is disturbed by two strangers. Petey invited her to live with him. Wherever they come from, they remain completely in the dark. Once in the house, they make themselves comfortable, while Stanley is getting more nervous by her presence. The two help Meg even in the preparations for Stanley's birthday celebration, which is to take place this evening. Even before the party, strangers take Stanley into an absurd cross-examination, which is more like a brainwashing and replaces terrible accusations with religious questions and absurd historical-political reminiscences. The party itself becomes Stanley's hysterical ritual of destroying his personality.

The birthday celebration is a dark comedy in which violence breaks into a bourgeois society and threatens to destroy it. People are so insecure with Pinter that they themselves do not know what motives they follow. Fear and horror have no name, they are ambiguous, undefined and indefinable.

Harold Pinter has received many awards for his work. In 2005 he received the Nobel Prize in Literature. In the 1980s, his unflinching political commitment to human rights violations continued until his death in December 2008.


Program and Cast


From 3 September 2017

Pierre Siegenthaler

Nina Petri

Max Simonischek

Andrea Wenzel

Roland Koch

Oliver Stokowski


Directing team

Andrea Breth

Martin Zehetgruber

Jacques Reynaud

Bert Wrede

Friedrich Rome

Klaus Missbach

Academy Theatre Vienna (Akademietheater)

Designed by the architects Fellner & Hellmer and Ludwig Baumann and built between 1911 and 1913, the Akademietheater has been the Burgtheater’s second venue since 1922. After many years of requests from ensemble members of the Burgtheater who wanted a second stage of more intimate dimensions, Max Paulsen succeeded in affiliating the “Theatre of the Academy of Music and the Performing Arts”, for brevity 's sake called Akademietheater, to the Burgtheater as a smaller, second venue. It was inaugurated on September 8, 1922, with a performance of Goethe’s Iphigenia in Tauris. After the Second World War, which the building survived intact, the theatre was re-opened on May 19, 1945, under the direction of Raoul Aslan with Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. The Akademietheater was refurbished and technically upgraded in 1974 and in 1999.

Parking at the Academy Theatre and Casino at Black Mountain Place

Visitors to the Academy theater and casino can order a parking fee of € 5, - parking garage at Beethovenplatz - for 5 hours in the period from 17:00 clock - 08:00 clock ( Saturdays , Sundays and holidays from 12:00 clock ) in the WIPARK . The needed for this theater Gutzeitkarte are available at the respective box office .

The payment of the parking fee must be made at the pay station in the parking garage. After inserting your parking ticket, you stuck by the theater Gutzeitkarte : The discounted rate will be displayed. After paying at the pay station , the exit ticket is issued.

Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve