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Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve

The Imaginary Invalid | Molière tickets

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The Imaginary Invalid | Molière

Venue: Burgtheater

Universitätsring 2,
1010 Wien
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Molière's "ill patient" Argan is a hypochondriac: he consults physicians, who, in turn, prescribe him patiently and willingly superfluous treatments for overpriced invoices. A doctor in the house would be fine, Argan thinks, and therefore wants to marry his daughter with one. However, she is in love with Cléante - and the comedy takes its course: the family tries to free Argan from the delusion of hypochondria, Argan recognizes, despite delusion, the love of his daughter and money his wife. In the end, Argan decides to become a doctor herself, and the daughter may marry whom she wants, and he becomes a doctor.

The origin of hypochondria was presumed under the rib-shaped cartilage, the Greek "chondros". In the same region there is the pain, which is caused by excessive use of the laughter. This diagnosis is frequently put to the public of the productions of Herbert Fritsch. Laughter heals, whatever.

We would like to thank the manufactory for historical key instruments Neupert in Bamberg for the friendly support.



Program and Cast


Joachim Meyerhoff

Toinette, Argand's maid
Markus Meyer

Bélinde, his second wife
Dorothee Hartinger

Angélique, Argan's daughter
Marie-Luise Stockinger

Louision, her little sister
Marta Kizyma

Laurence Rupp

Dr. Diafoirus
Klaus Pohl

Thomas Diafoirus, his son
Simon Jensen

Dr. Purgon, Argans Doctor
Johann Adam Oest

Fleurant, pharmacist
Hermann Scheidleder

Mr de Bonnefois, notary
Hermann Scheidleder


Direction and stage
Herbert Fritsch

Victoria Behr

Ingo Günther

Friedrich Rome

Sabrina Zwach - Filmography by type


The stage of the Burgtheater is one of the biggest theatre stages in the world. The stage portal is 12m wide, the main stage is 28,5m wide, 23m deep and 28m high. At the opening in 1888 the stage technology was already innovatory and has been modernized on many occasions. During the reconstruction after World War II, which was accomplished in 1955, a stage equipment was installed that is still revolutionary today. The revolving stage consists of a rotating cylinder (15m high, 21m diameter) and four hydraulic lifts (12 x 4 m each). With the help of this technical features the scenery can be changed within 40 seconds. It is the biggest automatic and computer controlled stagesystem in Europe.
The Burgtheater auditorium holds 1175 seats, it has standing room for 84 visitors and 12 places for disabled visitors.

Apart from the stage-art the Burgtheater plays an important part in architecture and interior design of the 19th century in Vienna. The magnificent decoration, especially the two imperial staircases painted by Gustav Klimt, his brother Ernst Klimt and their companion Franz Matsch as well as the main foyer and the many statues, busts and paintings of famous writers and actors can be visited during our dailyguided tour. 

Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve