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Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve

Sugar Baker Ball tickets

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Sugar Baker Ball

Venue: Hofburg Palace

Heldenplatz 1
A 1010 Vienna
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Event details

20.00 o'clock - Admission

21.00 - Festive ball opening in the ballroom (the entire opening will be broadcast live in the Zeremoniensaal)

The ball will be opened in 2017 by the "Vereinigung Wiener Staatsopernballett". The solo dancers Alice Firenze and Mihail Sosnovschi dance to Johann Strauss Sohn's "Lagoon Waltz, Opus 411" in the choreography by Lukas Gaudernak.

Afterwards star guest Patrick Lindner will perform. The pop singer will receive the celebrity cake at this year's ball.

The opening is completed with the opening committee of the Viennese dance schools under the direction of Richard Fränzl and Eddy Franzen, which will dance this year to the move in march from ?the gypsy baron? of Johann Strauss son.

21.45 - All waltzes

23.15 - Julius Meinl "Coffee cocktail rain": For every lucky balloon filled with a voucher there is one of 50 Julius Meinl coffee cocktails to be won. To be redeemed at the Meinl Café in the Trabantenstube.

24.00 hrs - Midnight quadrille under the guidance of Prof. Hannes Nedbal. Afterwards presentation of the celebrity cake, confectioner award ceremony and announcement of the winners at the Julius Meinl Schätzspiel.

1.30 am - "Lucky balloon rain": 50 giant pretzels and 50 gingerbread hearts float from the ceiling. Every balloon wins! To be picked up at the Glücksausgabe - Gardehalle I on the ground floor.

2.30 am - 50 "flying cakes": for every lucky balloon filled with a voucher there is one cake from the confectioner. To be picked up at the Glücksausgabe - Gardehalle I on the ground floor.

5.00 a.m. - farewell dance


21.45 - 5.00 in the ballroom - ball orchestra Prof. Helmut Steubl and Wolfgang Steubl Bigband

22.00 - 4.00 in the Hall of Ceremonies - Life Brothers

22.00 - 4.00 in the Forum - Caribbean Lounge with Carla Natascha & Salsa Band

23.30 and 1.00 in the Forum - Live Latin Danceshow

22.30 - 4.00 in the garden hall - Hitradio Ö3 Balldisco


Knight's Hall - Show Bakery

Trabantenstube - Meinl Café with pastry shop
Visit the Meinl Café, taste Meinl coffee cocktails and let the delicious pastries sweeten your visit to the ball.

Entree Room - French Roulette from Casinos Austria
Make your game!

Entree Room - Julius Meinl Treasure Game
There are 3 Meinl coffee capsule machines to win

Site gallery - Karin van Vliet - Styling Corner

Hall (foyer) - Cake show of the Zuckerbäcker Award
Visit the imaginative cake creations of the participants.

Hall (foyer) - Taste fresh bread and pastries from the master baker.

Gardehalle I - Sweet temptation
Many little treats are waiting to be tasted. The proceeds will be donated to the Austrian Children's Villages.

Hofburg Gallery - Ballbuffet

Schatzkammersaal - Heuriger of the Viennese Butchers (from 0.00 - 04.30)

Hall of Ceremonies (23.15) - "Sweet confectionery heaven": numerous sweet prizes are lowered from the ceiling of the hall. To be picked up at the Lucky Lost - Garde Hall I on the ground floor.


Your cake can be picked up at the giant cake on the ground floor.


Again this year the ZuckerBäckerball has 3,000 cakes and other sweets to offer. Part of the raffle proceeds will be donated to the Austrian Children's Villages.

Points of sale

At the ascent to the Feststiege, lower plateau (ground floor)
At "Platzl" (mezzanine)
Issue of tombola prizes

Passage hall + Guard hall I
Please pick up your tombola winnings between 23.00 and 04.00 hrs.

Hofburg Palace

Hofburg Palace is a palace located in Vienna, Austria, that has housed some of the most powerful people in European and Austrian history, including the Habsburg dynasty, rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It currently serves as the official residence of the President of Austria. It was the Habsburgs' principal winter residence, as the Schönbrunn Palace was their preferred summer residence.


The Hofburg area has been the documented seat of government since 1279 for various empires and republics.[1] The Hofburg has been expanded over the centuries to include various residences (with the Amalienburg), the Imperial Chapel (Hofkapelle or Burgkapelle), the Naturhistorisches Museum and Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Austrian National Library (Hofbibliothek), the Imperial Treasury (Schatzkammer), the Burgtheater, the Spanish Riding School(Hofreitschule), the Imperial Horse Stables (Stallburg and Hofstallungen), and the Hofburg Congress Center.


The Hofburg faces the Heldenplatz ordered under the reign of Emperor Francis Joseph, as part of what was to become a Kaiserforum that was never completed.



​The impressive imperial ambience is created for events of spectacular style. The room meets the highest standards, features a large permanent stage and integrated interpreter booths. The latest sound and lighting technology ensure unimpaired visual and acoustic clarity.

Theatre style: 1.260 Pax
Classroom style: 560 Pax
Banquet style: 660 Pax

Length 42,8 m/ft
Width 23,1 m/ft
Height 14,9 m/ft
Area 989,0 m²/sqft

How to get here

By Public Transportation

Take the U3 or the U2 subway to station Volkstheater and walk down Bellariastrasse towards the inner city. Once you cross the Ringstrasse (Burgring), you are at the Heldenplatz. Or take the local trams #1, #2, #46, #49, #D or the bus #2A to station Dr. Karl Renner Ring which is right next to Heldenplatz.

By Car

As is the case with all concerts that take place in the first district (Innere Stadt), we do not recommend going there by car. The first district is a labyrinth of narrow one-way streets and blind ends and parking is at best difficult, more often impossible. The area is also a pay zone (Kurzparkzone) from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 22:00 with a maximum parking time of two hours (2.40 € for 2 hours).

There is only one parking garage within walking distance:

Garage Robert Stolz-Platz at Robert Stolz-Platz (€ 3.40 per hour)

By Taxi

Taxis are a reliable and common means to get to your concert. Taxis are usually found at train stations and at taxi stands all over the city. To order one call • 31 300, • 60 160, • 40 100 or • 81 400. Taxis usually do not accept credit cards. Most taxis are non-smoking taxis, order a smoker taxi if you want to smoke during the ride.

Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve