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Wiener Metropol Concerts

Season 2017
Season 2018
Dennis Jale & The Original Band of Elvis Presley
Next performance: Fri 20 JAN 2017, 20:00
Las Vegas 1969, Madison Square Garden 1972, Hawaii 1973: The TCB band was always live on stage with Elvis Presley, the King of Rock n Roll. For eight years, between 1969 and 1977, James Burton (guitar...
The 6th Night of the Fado
Next performance: Mon 23 JAN 2017, 20:00
Filipa Cardoso & Carlos Leitao Ensemble. "The brightest star on the fado sky"...
The Viennese Comedian Harmonists
Next performance: Tue 24 JAN 2017, 20:00
When a small green cactus bites in the crocodile bar and Olga dances in Russian, the hall rages. For who does not know these, so popular songs of the famous comedian harmonists from the 1920s?...
5 Years Italian Night
Next performance: Wed 25 JAN 2017, 20:00
Tanti auguri per la notte italiana! ...
Michael Klammer sings Georg Danzer
Next performance: Thu 26 JAN 2017, 20:00
Michael Klammer, a Viennese singer and songwriter from Vienna, who has already made a name for himself as the founder and former lead singer of the formation "Lichtwärts" (among others with...
The Bad Powells
Next performance: Fri 27 JAN 2017, 20:00
17 year, false hair...
Louie Austen and Max Hagler Band
Next performance: Tue 31 JAN 2017, 20:00
"Only The Best" - Louie Austen & Max Hagler's band present Great American Singers. Repeat date wg. The great demand!...
Jawara & Band
Next performance: Thu 02 FEB 2017, 20:00
Gentlemen of Soul - After the great success of last year with always sold out shows, soul singer JAWARA with its solo program "Gentlemen of Soul" for the first time in the Viennese metropoli...
Lakis & Achwach
Next performance: Sat 04 FEB 2017, 20:00
30 years "Festival of the Greeks" with Lakis & Achwach - in early February 1987, our band entered the metropolitan stage for the first time. The concert was hopelessly sold out and we were c...
Ti Amo 3
Next performance: Tue 14 FEB 2017, 20:00
The new spin-off of the legendary Metropol musicals - the Marones have some reason to celebrate, but the joy is not undisturbed. The competition becomes more and more murderous and ever more questiona...
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve
Imperial Ball Vienna Hofburg - Silvesterball - New Year´s Eve